Lisa Almquist is a certified practitioner of AVESA Quantum Healing™, LaHo-Chi spiritual healing and Angel Light Healing. Lisa also offers consultation and tools for navigating our world through spiritual mentoring.
Lisa believes in universal connection and our ability to co-create our experiences. Throughout her life, she has experienced many situations where she unwittingly served as an earth angel, assisting others to find their own innate clarity. As an Intuitive, Lisa connects empathically with the energy of another person to assist them in identifying ways to work through challenges of life. Since adolescence, Lisa has had the ability to sense emotions and events, including planetary shifts.  Lisa gifts include, claircognizance (clear knowing) and clairsentience (clear feeling) around events and/or people and often has an innate understanding surrounding situations and can assist in developing ways to navigate through the “stuff” we carry through our lifetimes.
Having earned a BA in psychology and philosophy, Lisa spent over 15 years in the mental health service profession.  It was during that time of fine-tuning her active listening and problem solving skills, that she was drawn toward learning more about her innate gifts.  With nearly a decade of studying various spiritual modalities and practices through other wonderful soul teachers and healers, she was led to formalize her long standing personal life approach of being a helper and healer. Through self-love, self-healing and working through past hurts and life experiences, Lisa has opened her heart and offers clients a different way to experience the world.
When Lisa is not working with clients or on her own healing/spiritual development through practices and meditation, she enjoys spending time with her husband, teenage daughter, and connecting with her two other grown children and two sweet pups, Rosie and Reina.

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